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Mdm Scaffolding Services stocks a variety of different types of scaffolding that can be customized to your specific requirements. We offer scaffolding and accessories for virtually any application.

Our Products Include

Let us help you determine the right scaffold solution for your next project. We provide an unlimited range of adaptable and transportable scaffolding products and accessories to fit any scaffold need.



frame scaffoldingFrame Scaffolding
Frame Scaffolding is the industry’s most user-friendly scaffold system, comprised of conventional frames, braces and accessories.




Learn more about just some of the frame scaffold solutions we offer that fit the needs of both large and small:



Systems Scaffold
System Scaffolding assembles quickly and easily providing versatility to any building configuration. Each vertical has clusters every 20”. The horizontal braces have captive wedges at each end, which are placed into the appropriate cluster. A hammer, the only tool required for complete assembly, is used to set the wedge. As the wedge is driven, it pulls against the post, locking it securely from any movement.


Learn more about one of our complete lines of modular, suspended and special scaffolding products designed for unique project applications:



Scaffold Plank DI65
Wood, laminated, composite, aluminum and steel: All scaffold planks must comply with OSHA (1926.451(a); App. A.1.b.i) and ANSI (A10.8-5.2) standards.




Rolling Towers
Also known as Rolling Scaffolds, Rolling Towers are popular with most trades – painters, electricians, HVAC and maintenance people. Because these trades and specialists must move around in an area, the rolling tower is a good solution.



Check out some of the scaffolding accessories offered:



Tube & Clamp
A tube and coupler scaffold is a scaffold made up of many lengths of 2” diameter tube clamped together in such a way that a rigid structure is formed. The way the tube is clamped together is all important. If the tubes are not properly connected and adequately braced, the scaffold will not be safe.

Learn more about one of our ideal scaffold solutions that offers greater flexibility and maneuverability.



Guardrail Stanchions
Commonly referred to as “slab grabbers”, guardrail stanchions are used to guard rail open perimeter slabs, slab openings and elevated work decks.






We provide a wide range of quality accessories and access equipment – check out some of our products offered:


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