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In scaffolding, workers are subjected to elevated heights. This includes suspended systems from buildings, supported systems from the ground, and aerial systems on mobile equipment. If not properly trained, scaffolding systems are at a risk for falls or falling objects which could cause serious or even fatal injuries.

safety harness mdmBefore a scaffold job begins, all workers should receive training on that particular scaffolding system. Training should cover all required personal fall protection equipment. Workers should be trained in how to correctly wear the protection device, how to inspect it before each use, and how to recognize when the equipment should be removed from service. Workers should know to keep their body belt or harness system drop lines away from sharp surfaces and corrosive materials that may weaken the protection device and cause it to fail. They should also be instructed to secure drop lines to separate, sturdy anchor points on structural members of the scaffolding.

Certified Scaffold Training

Mdm Scaffolding Services is a certified scaffold training center for the Scaffold Training Institute (STI). Scaffold User (English and Spanish) and Scaffold Competent Person instruction is available on a fee basis and includes hands-on training. We conduct on-site classes at your office or special meeting room. Each student that successfully completes the course will receive a certified training certificate and a training manual.

Contact the Mdm Safety Coordinator for more information (800) 339-2390

Not sure? OSHA offers great information and compliance guides that may help you avoid fines and injury if you and your job site are not compliant with OSHA regulations. Check out the OSHA Compliance-Assistance Fact Sheet.


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