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Motorized platforms

Motorized Platforms

Have a project that needs to get off the ground quickly? We’re pleased to offer our customers alternative methods to conventional scaffolding, giving the client many added benefits.

Mast Climbing Work PlatformsMast Climbing Work Platforms (MCWP) are a powered access system which provide fast and efficient temporary access to any type of work being carried out. Utilize MCWP’s for labor savings and ergonomics. Workers will always be operating at the perfect working height at the touch of a button; platforms are wide, fully guard railed, and configured to your building. MCWPs are ideal for many trades requiring access up to 660 Ft.


Transport PlatformsTransport Platforms are a “tool of the trade” to vertically transport personnel, along with materials and necessary tools, to various access levels on the building or structure – construction, renovation, maintenance, and much more.

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